Graceful Awakenings ~~ Let Your Light Shine


Instant Energy Burst

  • Receive   Healing Energy    anytime you like for any reason you like.   
  • The energies are sent through our meditation practice,healing guides and the energy grid set up to transmit the energy to you.
  • You can receive the energy burst anytime you decide.  
  • It can be for any amount of minutes you purchased or the entire time frame; one min of energy at work of the five you purchased, for example.  You can have an hour session at home in bed, energy to support you at the dentist, directed to your plants, home, animals, family, crystals, relationships. You name it.  
  • There is a general flow available that you may allow to support you as the universe knows or you can buy specialized intent flows.
  • In addition to the anytime burst, you will be included in our weekly meditations to receive energy; over the one week following your order.  Usually on Thursday but not limited to. 
 It's up to you.

Life Force (Reiki Etc) ~ General or You set Intention
Energy Increase
Reiki Calm
Life Lessons turned to Wisdom
Life Purpose
Emotional Well Being

Reiki Blast is a Reiki Burst !


Additional Blasts

Many other Choices are Below the text in the center of the page.

ay the long time sun
Shine upon you,
All love surround you,
And the pure light within you
Guide your way on.~

Animals/ Pets
Home Healing and Support
Physical Health